Home Farm Yoga Tent


Elstree, Hertfordshire

Local Authority:
Hertsmere Borough Council

Project Overview

A planning application submitted by Warner Planning for the erection of a yoga tent for a temporary period of two years.

Warner Planning submitted a planning application to Hertsmere Borough Council for permission to erect a Yoga Tent for a temporary period of two years at a Glamping site situated within the Green Belt in rural Hertfordshire.

The key challenge was regarding development in the Green Belt, however based on the beneficial evidence submitted by Warner Planning, the Planning Officer deemed that this was a case of very special circumstances, and the benefits of the scheme outweighed any limited harm identified.  

As such the application was approved by Hertsmere Borough Council in May 2021.

In 2023 a subsequent application was submitted by Warner Planning and was again approved by Hertsmere Borough Council to retain the Yoga Tent for a further period of two years.

Photo credit: Home Farm Glamping