Leigh Street


High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Local Authority:
Wycombe District Council (Now Buckinghamshire Council)

Project Overview

A Planning application submitted for the redevelopment of a brownfield site, within a conservation area for 228 dwellings.

The site is located in a sensitive location in High Wycombe between a diverse residential area and a lively local shopping district. It comprised a group of commercial buildings, some of which have been vacant for over 25 years, these included the locally listed Birch House which is remembered as the first ‘G Plan’ furniture factory in High Wycombe. This was to be retained as a significant heritage asset and inspired the architecture of the new build elements.

Simon Warner submitted and managed planning application for Leigh Street High Wycombe. Working closely with the client, consultant team and Local Planning Authority to ensure that the project was progressed in a timely manner to ensure that the clients and Council’s deadlines were met. This included ensuring that the respective technical reports coordinated to result in a clear development form balancing a number of constraints.

Through teamwork and taking a balanced approach, we were able to secure consent for the scheme within ten months of appointment. We developed a strong working relationships with the Council and the project team to ensure that the project was progressed efficiently and effectively.